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Upwelling Festival Portland

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The Upwelling Festival in Portland offers a fantastic and vibrant way for visitors and Portland locals to celebrate and showcase the unique eco-tourism features of the beautiful coastal town, the Bonney Upwelling. The Bonney Upwelling is a seven month long natural ocean occurrence where krill form dense swarms up to a kilometre in length. These exceptional feeding conditions trigger a feeding frenzy of whales, seals, giant crabs, tuna, crayfish, squid, fish and seabirds. The Festival includes the blessing of the fleet, street parade, festival market, live entertainment, marine environment talks, whale boat races along with a major community art project. The Festival is run in conjunction with two other well-established and popular local events - the Rotary Art Show (all weekend) and the Portland Three Bays Marathon (Sunday morning). Together these events provide a weekend-long program of activities for locals and visitors.

When: 04/11/2017 - 04/11/2017

Location: Bentinck Street, Portland, Victoria, Australia


Phone: () 0488 791 424