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12 Localles and The Fire Alive - Winter Wild Fest - Free Live Music

The Beach Blokes

Returning to The Brewhouse for the final chapter of 'WinterWild Festival' are sensational Grunge Pop act 'Localles'. If you have not seen 'Localles' before, be sure to get along and catch them for a fun night. Localles is the combined talents of Ted O’Neil and Michael Fitzgerald, two thirds of The Vasco Era. It was the thought of collaboration with long-time friend John Waller (Rat and Co) that initially sparked the concept that led to the group. Add to that the creativity and versatility of Paul Doery (The Exploders) and Jackson Gray (I Know The Chief) and the true sound of Localles was fully realised. The band is a rudimentary source of joy and connection for all members; and is driven by Ted and his songs. Localles, being friends and familiar faces along the surf coast, repute an inclusive live show with good times and fun vibes.

When: 19/08/2016 - 19/08/2016

Location: 29 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia


Phone: (03) 5237 6240