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Dirt River Radio - Free Live Music at The Brewhouse

Open Mic - Sunday Sessions at the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse

You may have been lucky enough to catch this awesome band at the Apollo Bay Music Festival in years gone by. We are super pumped to be bringing Dirt River Radio (aka The Dirties) back to the Bay for a cracking night. These guys are a six piece band from Melbourne known for heartfelt Australian rock ballads cranked with Rock-a-Billy swagger, Gypsy Romps, Celtic sea shanties and smoldering dirty Soul. With a line-up of two guitars, bass, drums and the magnificent `Dirtettes’ on backing vocals, ‘The Dirties’ have evolved from humble St Kilda beginnings into a world class rock n roll outfit (two European tours under the abnds belts). The bands classic sound will deliver to you a swag of heartfelt tunes and at times brutal snapshots of reality, also renowned for a wildly volatile, no punches pulled live shows and when you get to know them, true gang mentality. 2017 see’s their best incarnation yet with members from Electric Mary and 28 Days third album, ‘Sun City White’ (out Apr 29th) explores issues spanning from personal demons to the plight of humanity.

When: 01/07/2017 - 01/07/2017

Location: 29 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia


Phone: (03) 5237 6240