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Nightjar Festival

The sun sets behind the Nightjar Festival stage Enter the magical atmosphere of the Nightjar Festival Art Installation at the Nightjar Festival Be mesmerized by live musicians Tantalise your taste buds with a range of international cusisine Wander among the market stalls filled with boutique hand crafted items Dance the night away Leave your worries at the gate

Step inside the wonderland that is the Nightjar Festival. Over eight weeks in summer you will be immersed in the magical atmosphere of live music, roving performers, buskers and culinary delights. The splendor begins in Torquay on Thursday nights throughout January, overlooking the sun setting by the ocean. Then to Geelong on Friday nights throughout February - a festival that is cheeky and full of life. Meander through the carefully curated market precinct, discovering many emerging designers or maybe you will find yourself in the depths of 'dessert lane'. Remember calories consumed at Nightjar stay at Nightjar. If chilling out is more your speed then head to one of the open bars, shake out a picnic rug and indulge in some of the region’s best boutique crafted beers and wine. If you are not quite old enough to play in the license areas, there is a magical kiddies wonderland just for you. Everyone will leave with a unique experience and a smile on their face.

When: 03/01/2019 - 03/01/2019

Location: Surf Beach Drive, Torquay, Victoria, Australia