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Ozact's Tempest

Miranda (Sorcha Breen) watches the ship foundering in the swirling tempest. Miranda (Sorcha Breen) brings her father Prospero (Bruce Widdop) to view the shipwreck Prospero the Enchanter (Bruce Widdop)and the native Caliban (Kyle McDonald)  lookout  for a ship Trinculo of the ships company (Michael Davidson ) surprised  by the native Caliban (Kyle McDonald) Marooned Alonso, King of Naples (Andy Delves) argues with his counsellor  Gonzalo (Mathew Young) Sebastian (Luke Ingram) and Antonio (Michael Davidson) plot the murder of the King of Naples

We are such things as dreams are made on. As the sun sets over the gorge and waves lap against time worn crags, Prospero raises his staff and summons the spirits of the sky. A mighty tempest forms, heralding a terrible shipwreck. The quarreling survivors of the shipwreck washed up on a lonely shore are confronted by an earlier settler, the embittered enchanter, his beautiful daughter, and their strange associates. The unusual encounter commences a journey of dramatic adventure, swirling passions, confrontations and reconciliations. The rugged seashore location of the gorge and its shipwreck associations make it a perfect setting for Shakespeare’s shipwreck saga. This Shakespeare’s last play contains a mix of all those elements of earlier dramas for which he was noted: powerful drama and tender romance, brooding passion and knockabout comedy, containing some of his most famous soliloquies, reflective perhaps of the ageing bard himself. Ozact’s Shakespeare productions have become a post Christmas tradition and a much anticipated annual event, so bring along a friend or a group and share an evening of magic and intrigue, revenge and romance, comedy and song, in the awe inspiring surrounds of Loch And Gorge. Bookings are mandatory for Gorge Performances.

When: 21/01/2018 - 21/01/2018

Location: Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia


Phone: () 0419 330 516