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Fun 4 Kids: Healthy Kids, Happy Kids

Fun 4 Kids: Healthy Kids, Happy Kids Fun 4 Kids: Healthy Kids, Happy Kids Kids movement

Fun for Kids - Healthy Kids, Happy Kids is a unique workshop specifically designed to encourage a positive and creative mindset for young children. This 90 minute session will include mindfulness, music/dance, drawing or writing, craft, brain gym, yoga, relaxation techniques along with a great deal of laughter and fun. Developed by Jo Surkitt, Jo has used the growth mindset, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and many years of experience in the wellbeing industry to design fun activities that will: Encourage creativity, develop connection with others, build resilience, assist with self awareness. work with emotions and values, improve self regulation, encourage movement and allow for lots of fun, joy and laughter. To register, visit the website.

When: 23/01/2018 - 23/01/2018

Location: Corner of Quay Boulevard and Centreside Boulevard, Torquay, Victoria, Australia


Phone: () 0417 549 218