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Sandford Swap Meet

Sandford Swap Meet

What do you do when the Swap Meet gets cancelled due to rotten weather and you decide to re-schedule it, only to find that your normal Friends of the Community Market will be on the following weekend? Why not combined the two? Yes folks, the Sanford Swap Meet and Friends of the Community Market was joined together for the very first time in 2018. It was a match made in heaven, something for the guys and something for the girls. So guess what? The two are going to run together again in 2019. Whether you are into cars or anything else that goes vroom, vroom or garage and shed stuff or more of the Market style stuff, there will be something for everyone at the Sanford Swap Meet.

When: 15/04/2018 - 15/04/2018

Location: 59 Sandford Reserve Road, Sandford, Victoria, Australia


Phone: (03) 5582 0191